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The School of Marketing

Even though The School of Marketing is a new business (founded in May 2016), we have been running marketing workshops for London Entrepreneurs and small business owners since 2008 under the banner of Women Unlimited.

Women Unlimited was the British Library’s leading business training partner for female business owners and Julie Hall our founder was a on a special board put together for the Business and IP Centre to help provide insights and marketing suggestions on how the British Library could increase their reach.

Julie Hall

What you can expect from The School of Marketing

The School of Marketing is not a traditional training company.  We show small business owners and sole traders how to do marketing.  Not just talk theory, but help them turn theory into practice to get real results and grow their business.

The strategies we teach are specifically targeted towards small business budget and recognise the challenges that small business owners have.

The marketing workshops we offer have  been created by small business owners FOR small business owners.  This means that we show you the latest marketing strategies that work in the world of business today; hands on strategies that work and are proven to connect, engage and convert your customers.

Choose the right courses for you and your business

Knowing what marketing you should be using to build and grown your business can be overwhelming, particularly as everyone is peddling their strategy as the best and only strategy that you will ever need.

Well we don’t believe in a one size fits all … for us the best marketing strategy is one that you can easily employ in your business, that feel like it’s fun (yep, marketing can be fun), and that reaches and connects and engages with your customers.

School of Marketing
live training

Live and in person

At the School of Marketing, we have decided to only offer live workshops at the moment because we think you learn better in a live environment.

Online courses have their place of course, but it is difficult to carve the time out in your business to watch the videos and, let’s be honest, do the work.

Less than 7%(!) of students that buy online courses actually complete the courses (University of Warwick, 2013)  that they buy.  This is because it can be difficult to carve out the space to do the work.

At The School of Marketing, we give you the space, time and environment where you can get and complete the learning that you need.

Check out the our marketing workshops here and we hope to see on along to one soon.

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